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why am i a grown man with a diary?

fuck it....

January 29th, 2013

that crush thing on my profile @ 06:53 am

i feel: nostalgic nostalgic

So today is january 29, 2013...

i decided to actually log into LJ from a PC for the first time in a few years

i decided to fix my profile a bit, updated a few things.
i hadn't touched my page in years, lol.

i noticed that i still have this crush widget that i posted here and on myspace back in the day.
remember bulletins???? that was so cool! facebook turned out to be a trap of poopoo... I'm still on it though... fml.

i digress...
that crush widget had several more crushes that i hadn't noticed, after i initially posted it. i decided to go to the site and, surprisingly, my login info was the same as most things. i logged in to find several messages that i had never seen before. its so fun to reminisce on the past, but it is also kind of depressing. There i was, back in 07, thinking that i was going to be forever alone and that girls never liked me. i must have been so oblivious to the ways of the world... i still am when it comes to matters of the heart. i can always only tell how I feel about someone, but i can never figure out how people feel about me. some of the messages were weird, but some currently have me thinking like a mad man. i can't help but think about all the things that could have been. i can't help but think about all the things i could have done, and all the memories that i could have had. alas, it is now 2013 and these things will never come to pass. shitty huh? ::sigh::

crushes 2007 2
crushes 2007 3
crushes 2007 4
crushes 2007 5
crushes 2007 6
crushes 2007
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why am i a grown man with a diary?

fuck it....